Top 5 Treehouse Hotels

Treehouses aren’t really a thing anywhere else but in the USA. However, some imaginative entrepreneurs got things into their own hands and came up with some pretty amazing ideas when it comes to turning a treehouse into a hotel, and a good one, at that. Here are the best five treehouse hotels:

Castles in the trees (Châteaux dans les Arbres) in Dordogne, France, are just as fairytale-like as you might imagine. You get to sleep in mini castles with turrets and hot tubs and you have a beautiful view of the countryside under your feet. The interior is just as posh as the exterior and up to four people can stay in these fabulous treehouse suites.

If you’ve never been to South Africa, then you should put Kruger National Park on your bucket list. There, you can experience a night in nature with all the lions and other predators just in the bushes next to you – thanks to Lion Sands Game Reserve. What’s more, there is a special treehouse from which you can gaze at the awe-inspiring sunset. After this, you’re left alone to spend the night under the sky you don’t really know but can still thoroughly enjoy.

Thinking more locally, there is Cedar Creek Treehouse in Washington that provides the perfect getaway from the crowded city and busy schedules. In the branches of a very old cedar tree, you will find a treehouse that is set very high up (five stories of staircases up, to be exact). It goes without saying that the view of Mount Rainier is simply breathtaking.

If you’re eager to explore Europe, there is the Treehotel that you can intentionally stumble upon in Harad, Sweden. You won’t be able to miss it – the hotel is constructed as a huge bird’s nest and is located inside a forest. Don’t be fooled by its unorthodox looks, though, you will find everything you need inside, from bathrooms to living rooms, not to mention the retractable staircase that will help you secure your privacy.

Kadir’s Tree Houses in Turkey resemble a hostel, which is why it’s a very popular spot for backpackers. You will find this string of huts huddled around the pine trees right next to a mountain named Taurus.